I am a neuroscientist. I have to admit that I have read more neuroscience before my Ph.D. than during; I used to read at least a paper every day. Then I got to GradSchool and between research, classes, research, journal clubs, talks, conferences, research, teaching, departmental duties, writing, and – did I mention it? – research! I had very little precious time dedicated to reading. As such, my reading was restricted to those .pdfs that I saved with repeated letters, caps, and underscore in their filename (e.g.__MUUUSSST_READveryimp), which were usually very related to my own work. Then I got to postdoc and things did not change much. Many times I wished there was somebody out there to skim through the thousands of papers published every week and give me a simple, distilled version of the weekly advances of my field and not only, being the geek that I am; just enough to have an idea of what’s going on. Even if I will still not be able to read all those thousands of papers, I may be able to bring to you a few articles per week that you can get the gist of it in less than a minute. I will attempt to write the synopsis in such a way that both non-professional and professional readers can benefit. Every now and then I will feature an older paper, for who among us has read them all? Happy reading!



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